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@FSFE 's President. Working for #FreeSoftware, so every individual in our society can self-determined use, study, share, and improve software. #European

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You're from #Africa #Australia #Russia ... +interested in #OpenStandards? Maybe you want to participate in #DFD2015 ? http://t.co/V51vDZutSi

Problem von Verkehrsbetrieben wegen fehlenden Software Updates http://t.co/aXrn5Xb5n1

Freie Software im Koalitionsvertrag von Nordrhein-Westfalen http://t.co/zoAa0vQWsI @do_foss

At #rp15 and you want one of this stickers? Look for the guy with the corresponding black hipster bag (=me). http://t.co/4As1q9tm0i

"If you bought a lot of CDs and DVDs years ago, you gained value" because they don't have a digital lock, says @doctorow at #rp15 @endDRM

Tomorrow at 14:00 I'll give a talk at @CodemoBerlin #CodemotionBLN https://t.co/0hRvN0SpFF

Aritkel und Kommentar von @fsfe 's @mxmehl auf @heiseonline zu #SonyRootkit https://t.co/5iPhB0pHJ3 + https://t.co/gfHjtNfw1W

Schöne Homage zu #ilovefs von @juschuetze mit @nightrose @antischokke @frimelle + ... https://t.co/mQaImXCvN5 https://t.co/4ly0Kb12SD

" @Putin 's internet guru says 'nyet' to Windows, 'da' to desktop #Linux" https://t.co/gsbgc9zLvO #ilovefs https://t.co/ckTJPRTALv

In the morning you thank them, in the evening they have a new release ;) #ilovefs https://t.co/2D5RgHmgWJ

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