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If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down.

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Tim won Knightmare without the aid of a team. He finished by punching Dungeon Master Treguard in the face. #TimSherwoodAchievements

Spurs have an under 18 player called Ryan Loft. Bet he's great up top and wears a long sleeved shirt for insulation.

Quality from De Villiers at the moment, but some of the West Indies fielding is awful.

Spurs must have the worst top 10 most expensive signings in PL history (Luka and possibly Defoe/Keane aside). Absolute shambles.

I believe in Soldado #OffendEveryoneIn4Words

Anyone would think Tim Sherwood pooped on some of your front lawns. He isn't connected with Spurs now. Let him go. Let him go.

RT @NivenJ1: Best round of golf ever: 'I've got this for par - FUCK ME THAT'S HAN SOLO CRASHING A PLANE ON THE 14TH!'

For a Full House on my United bingo card I just need a shot straight at De Gea that he saves & causes the commentators to jizz themselve

@AT_Spurs @TomOfHayward @therealtommitch How did you know we all work together?

Says something that Phil Jones stops David Bentley from being the worst player sold by Blackburn for a shedload of cash in recent years.

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