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Official #USArmyReserve Twitter Feed! Connecting Soldiers & Families of the Army Reserve to each other and you! Following or RT does not equal endorsement.

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He lived long and prospered RIP #LeonardNimoy. A great actor and Veteran http://t.co/9OD8t2LoLP #MrSpock http://t.co/1Nd6xdMUKz

Don't forget to change your clocks today #DaylightSavingTime http://t.co/YeTXkqXxx6

In honor of this day we say "Thank you" #veterans @DeptVetAffairs http://t.co/9gvOjny6Qy http://t.co/73mE7rhQ5f

We wish you a Happy #Easter from the U.S. Army Reserve! @future_soldiers @DeptVetAffairs @DeptofDefense @wwp http://t.co/K3nhzz70BF

Pushups! What's your #MondayMotivation http://t.co/sDrR9XDlmX

On this day 150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. http://t.co/ddq0ZJ59Oe

70 years ago today, Germany unconditionally surrendered to Allied forces to end WWII in Europe. #VEDay70 @USArmy http://t.co/PT5QE2fCU4

Honoring moms who raised brave men and women who serve in uniform and moms serving in uniform #MothersDay @FORSCOM http://t.co/MDw6Zvsr1t

Happy #FathersDay http://t.co/NIPyBomhPo

Social media is an integral part of social interaction. Thank you for being a part of our social community. June 30th is #SMDay #SMDay2015

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