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prepared to die for SA◇◇

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Schotho plz remove the president from the throne #Igazi

We HV high expectations for this album #TouchMyBlood

Free things are priceless like @Karabo_Mokgoko 's motivations. #ChooseDay

Why is makola not red carded #TKO2019

We can't keep on asking white people to respect us black people must unite and fight against black leaders who are… https://t.co/p8bOW3HoE4

ANC doesn't have love for this country ,Steve biko Was right you on your own black child #PutSouthAfricaFirst https://t.co/KyJ0aUgEjx

Pearl thusi is promoting crime,unemployment, rape,fake goods, drugs and kidnapping . #PearlThusiMustFall https://t.co/LOB7i1BYgo

Numbers don't lie pearl thusi does lie #PutSouthAfricaFirst #PearlThusiMustFall https://t.co/riQUq5qVnM

Stop protecting foreigners if you don't leave in townships because you don't know what we go through.… https://t.co/PlTSSPVeUe

I think xenophobia only exist in south Africa #PutSouthAfricansFirstNow #AnnoyingThingsOnTwitter https://t.co/k2SegqnSjS

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