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UGA Student Affairs’ mission is to inspire students to engage meaningfully, grow intellectually, and build character so they will create thriving communities.

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G-E-O-R-G-I-A! #UGA @UGAAthletics @UGARedcoatBand #GDay15 http://t.co/ZyZ6Z8FQvQ

RT @universityofga: It's #GurleyThursday. Good luck, @TG3II! https://t.co/EtiElnrNkn

RT @UGACareerCenter: A6: Securing a part-time job is easy! 90+ employers will be at the UGA Student Employment Fair Aug.19 | List: http://t…

RT @MSPatUGA: A6. It is sometimes challenging to navigate campus as a student of color. MSP is here to help students feel home away from ho…

RT @CSOatUGA: Good to know! We'll be sending you our audition tape right away! #gonnabefamous #OneUGA https://t.co/uSFiI9Lk1p

RT @UGAHousing: We have fifteen minutes left in the #OneUGA chat, but we’re doing this two more times this summer: http://t.co/itKkPXBzDv.

RT @UGARecSports: A4: Be a part of the #UGARamFam! #OneUGA #UGARecSports

RT @CSOatUGA: Yeah we do! We are home to 700 orgs! Check out http://t.co/WSAfIwfjl1 for more info! #OneUGA https://t.co/RUx4p8mgHZ

RT @dbelljr1914: #OneUGA is BRILLIANT, excellent way for offices and students to connect via social media.

RT @m_christineee: New experiences, new and long-lasting connections, overwhelming amounts of school spirit, the usual :) #OneUGA https://…

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