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I talk about basketball and football a lot. #ACAB #BLM #FDT, Gender Fluid, male profile. 18+.

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RT @JRehling: Under Florida's "Three Strikes" law, every time George Zimmerman commits three felonies, the judge high-fives him and lets hi…

If Turkoglu is the Turkish Michael Jordan then what is Kanter? Turkish...Chris Kaman?

"@caraaaaaa: Did Rex Ryan take credit for the Week 17 Bills win vs. the Pats yet?" HAHAHHAHAHHA WINNER

I don't even wanna talk about big Vince, man. I love Vince wilfork more than anything.

Wilfork being gone is the first player to ever leave a team of mine and I still love him. I turn into a hater when guys leave. Not w/ Vince.

I actually watched the Pats Eagles super bowl on YouTube the other day. Crazy seeing Vince and Tom so young

RT @OnlyBeingMe24: @Blunt_Doctor_RX True but how deep this free agency class is it won't surprise me if Vince got at least 8 to 9 teams wan…

RT @z_zech: The only way I'm okay with Wilfork leaving is if it means both McCourty and Revis stay.

RT @KevinRDuffy: Vince Wilfork's last game as a Patriot http://t.co/fIY8Z1pERZ

@freemaneric this isn't Russia, is it rusty?

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