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Ganto pala talaga yung feeling kapag member ka na ng isang fansclub no?Alam kong OA or naive reaction to pero iba e… https://t.co/03aSkAa6up

Good night fam and sibs!! Nag-enjoy agad ako ng sobra, first day palang. Looking forward for more bond and good tal… https://t.co/I8VwuAtzTl

RT @vicerylleiana: #DahilSaVICERYLLE: i realized and experienced what being in love feels like 100Months WithViceRylle https://t.co/bUp2dc…

Last nalang talagaaa... Happy 100th motmot!!! I love you @anakarylle @vicegandako

RT @anakaryllept_: #DahilSaVICERYLLE naging siga kaming maglakad charot hello sa inyo @goldanakarylle @fathersjoy_DLK @hokagevicerylle 100…

RT @Jeynaaahh: My Story. #HijaAko

RT @bibikarylle: Happy Monday! @anakarylle at opening of #ShowtimeOurShow ❤️ https://t.co/spgz1tTTMs

NEVER FORGET: How ABS-CBN served these teleseryes, that opened our eyes to the realities of life... These teleserye… https://t.co/WoQuusj6sk

Genuine Love

Hiraya... 101st motmot edition

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