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Teacher from Waco, TX. Baylor alum. Love animals, but people have a tendency to annoy me, especially on the highway. Get out of the left lane!!! #TheResistance

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@NeilStandish Baylor will be a 2seed, hopefully not in UConn's bracket. I'd like to see them both in Finals!

#IranTalks #tcot Congratulations @BarackObama. Historic! Conservative war-mongers up in arms. Good day! http://t.co/GjLVl6BHz6

#Happy420 @skevkirby @JeffGohogs @cahowell1956 @co_kmaldonado4 #Legalizedmarijuana http://t.co/pz0zuMaw6Y

@skevkirby @stlwrkr4889 @JeffGohogs @JoJo_Chanel @co_kmaldonado4 @cahowell1956 Happy #MothersDay 2 you & or yours. http://t.co/AgCN88Wp

#MySummerin5words Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep! http://t.co/6jeahdb4zj

@cahowell1956 @skevkirby @JoJo_Chanel @JeffGohogs @co_kmaldonado4 @stlwrkr4889 Happy #FathersDay to you & or yours. http://t.co/HFj65Sl

@skevkirby @JeffGohogs @cahowell1956 @stlwrkr4889 @co_kmaldonado4 @TopherJH Hey y'all, happy Thanksgiving week! https://t.co/M64xVrlfVf

RT @opticspolitics: #Lastword Watching @ninaturner defending Bernie or Bust crowd while forgetting her candidate is actually running on #D…

RT @KwikWarren: Judging from reactions on my TL, I think @ninaturner lost a whole lot respect Monday night on #LastWord

RT @ThomboyD: @Lawrence #lastword tonight finally pushed me away from @MSNBC for good. His was the last show I watched, but never again.

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