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(O Tio Caetano)

Estudante de engenharia informática e de computadores, não praticante. Tento ser uma pessoa normal nas horas vagas. #ForzaFerrari

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Faker so good he doesn't even have to play the game and still manages to win the Korean championship #LCK #thingsthatfakerdoes

RT @RiotQuickshot: It's Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you. Should I buy Lego for my flight? RT for yes. FAV for definitely! http://t.c…

That SKT T1 game. Wolf engages and clean ups by Faker's Master yi. So much fun. Gg #LCK

RT @GoT_Tyrion: Thou shalt not spoil #WriteThe11thCommandment http://t.co/Ul2lcztw0B

RT @thegrandtour: The wait for #TheGrandTour is almost over. Almost. https://t.co/D0Zzhg794V

RT @F1: #SennaSempre

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: On track on used hypersofts, 48 minutes to go in #FP2 #MonacoGP https://t.co/7sIUB7ixMm

RT @F1: Another angle on that VER/GRO incident #MonacoGP

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: Half session update: VER, #Seb5 RIC, #Kimi7, HUL, SAI, HAR, BOT, PER, GAS #MonacoGP #FP2

RT @McLarenF1: As we countdown to the 2018 #MonacoGP, throwback 30 years to when Senna completed possibly the greatest qualifying lap of al…

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