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RT @DailyMendesLife: Very little has changed in the past 5 years LMAO #Señorita https://t.co/vLoTf1KnAC

RT @YasmineChanel: “If you was meant to ignore your gut, you wouldn’t have one bro” such wise words from tommy there

RT @claud1zzle: ‘Don’t ignore your gut because it’s the reason you have a gut’ no tommy the reason you have a gut is to digest your food so…

RT @AbkebabBrown: Hahahaaa Molly queeeen “if a tweet said me and Jordan would be cute I wouldn’t think I better crack on because that’s wha…

RT @_Britkizzlee: This narrator is so dry. Someone get Iain Stirling on a flight please. #LoveIslandUSA https://t.co/qIDAXwsZeU

RT @onlyoulwt: the amount of polls i’ve seen would suggest Amber & Greg will win, any result other than that tonight is 100% fixed #love

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