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RT @crisisT_Man: #IWasMadeToBelieveThat no matter how good I am in Mathematics, I will remain poor because my parents were also poor. Thi…

RT @TMoagiDeHustler: During hustle vs After bagging #YouKnowYouAreBlackWhen those sleeping call uu Nyoape boy but uu keep securing the bag

RT @Saidymaja: #YouKnowYouAreBlackWhen if you can pay 4000.00 for a website done by a black owned company but u can pay 12000 for the same…

RT @MamaKeaDesigns: If you ever let your head down let it be to admire your shoes get yourself a pair worth admiring get your pair of MKDs.…

Please RETWEET this tweet if you are an @orlandopirates fan/supporter and follow everyone who retweet. #OnceAlways https://t.co/0wz2wcZVfv

#IWasReadyForMarriageBut this bitches ain't loyal. https://t.co/JDt8iOiOhh

#IWasReadyForMarriageBut umjolo is busy nyising me and marriage could be worse

RT @Siz_khambule: I enjoy me, myself and I #IWasReadyForMarriageBut

RT @KaMangena: #IWasReadyForMarriageBut these kept showing up https://t.co/0PU9VLfBTX

RT @AyandaYahyah: #IWasReadyForMarriageBut I hate babysitting grown men

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