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SM x AMG. Original Tadi Boy. Son Of A Queen

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@Arsenal #EmeryOut

RT @moroabukar: This was in 2016... #OnDem Shatta Wale - On Dem (Audio Slide) https://t.co/aLRizT5CIa via @YouTube ...3years ago!

RT @TeePhlowGH: Moa na mose y3mma mo more rap but more groove!! Lets see how many retweets #OneSide Getting https://t.co/WA51WVQ2Qm

RT @kwaolezzes: The floor is now open! First come, first serve

RT @ghtrendinglinks: You celebrated @stonebwoyb but can't celebrates with @shattawalegh What's your reasons? Some Ghanaians must grow bey…

RT @OneRJZ: I don’t wanna miss @shattawalegh performance I promise #DarrylAndHisFriends2019

RT @COSTYBOO1: 1) What is #Useless? 2) who is #Useless? 3) Are They #Useless? Useless is something else oooo Lol Eeeiii bra #Useless

RT @SoberBlanco: You can Never have a flop show with the Boss @shattawalegh on bill. Suhum Odwira Festival Energy Energy Energy. The entran…

RT @Little_Nicki_1: From 712k+ to 722k+ damn merhn. Now @shattawalegh get #TimeNoDey on Spotify now!

RT @jayden_wap: Another Wicked Show @AmgMedikal X @shattawalegh

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