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Rendille men observe a rare #solareclipse in the Sibiloi national Park in Turkana http://t.co/kk9hCzcvTy http://t.co/F2amIFuUh2

Ugandan David #Matsanga, 7 bloggers face probe over social media incitement http://t.co/3HSpT6A2MV

Court suspends #Malema trial over corruption http://t.co/b3eNRgkQbb #MalemaTrial http://t.co/YhodF9CFf9

Don’t burn crop waste, it is good for the soil http://t.co/WCoh1cVuCL #SeedsofGold #Kenya http://t.co/NrujqCGNDc

Letters: We can do away with false prophets and talk directly with God http://t.co/XTJh8tFp6e #Kanyari http://t.co/ylfD86Sp4l

Miss Kenya wows audience at Miss Universe Pageant http://t.co/uwHJABG3Fn #MissUniverseKenya http://t.co/Ge5OTEd04r

TV advertisers fear row will hit revenue http://t.co/fQnMr5AxEM #DigitalMigration #Switchoff http://t.co/UBa1ntUWdF

Senator Isaac Melly injured in University of Eldoret demo http://t.co/0vvqZ9fM7z #UniversityOfEldoret http://t.co/xp7eYFRv0w

19 firms to bid for cargo handling at Mombasa Port’s new terminal http://t.co/VvR9gOoR2r http://t.co/BwyDRUNfWp

Farming fish in the lake nets more for farmer. #SeedsOfGold http://t.co/ORtvYiCvgn http://t.co/CrIKQfDqDm

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