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Our vision is that CT’s next generation will be free from racial & ethnic health disparities. Senior comm officer Liz Kellner is tweeting & listening.

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RT @NGentes: 4 of the top ten CT towns with highest poverty rates are from Eastern CT: New London, Windham, Mansfield and Norwich. #CTbudg…

OPM Sec Barnes expressed need to maintain basic services (child care, disability). Noted it could be a challenge. #ctbudget

Appropriations co-chair Toni Walker: Committed to using data & facts to understand how programs serve kids. Evaluation & honesty. #

Preventing or delaying diabetes onset can save consumers and the health care system a lot of money. #BeatDiabetes @ConnHealthITeam

RT @ConnHealthITeam: 1 in 3 people have diabetes but don't know it, Dr. Robert Oberstein says. #BeatDiabetes https://t.co/doMvgXnZWE

VIDEO: A powerful take on conditions that lead to diabetes in communities of color. https://t.co/sugKFt4WZe #BeatDiabetes @ConnHealthITeam

RT @ConnHealthITeam: Caffrey says insurance covers education, prevention programs. Get educated. #BeatDiabetes

RT @ConnHealthITeam: Oberstein: 85 % of Americas have at least one risk factor for the disease. #BeatDiabetes

Question: why is diabetes higher in African-Americans? A: genetic factors, higher obesity, dietary prefs. #BeatDiabetes @ConnHealthITeam

Great post via @CTMirror! What you need to know going into #OpenEnrollment 2017. https://t.co/fuRBTBc9Va #GetCovered https://t.co/A4TM1G4P7S

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