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Actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and proud farmer. UN Ambassador. #idey4u email: Johndumeloofficial@gmail.com

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️Edmonton we here! tonight at the Portuguese hall, See ya'all! Let's make history! @ West Edmonton Mall http://t.co/S1IRgbp4rf

How I spent my afternoon...Nothing like a mothers love....happy Mother's Day to all mothers!… https://t.co/f7dvmxFn1X

This Sodom and Gomorrah issue is sad....I wonder what the best solution is, without being politicized.

Happy new month guys! I pray whatever U lost in the last 6 months of this year, U shall regain 10… https://t.co/mProBXef6I

Have a good Saturday guys....remember to dream big. The future is in our hands http://t.co/a0gwTvQkxK

One thing the GBA should seriously look at is the conditions of service of judges. It's like some live in chamber and hall. It's sad

Bonanza bonanza! Meet Chelsea and get 3 free points! Promotion ends January 2016

Wisa should be given a second chance. What he did was wrong yes. But everyone makes mistakes https://t.co/y2yWAQblYD

This week may God inspire u whn u feel down, encourage u whn u feel like quitting https://t.co/t5FJzP5loN

RT @sigillynn: Episodes 3&4 of #Shampaign starts showing tonight... Let's meet at the silverbird cinemas tonight @ 7

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