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RT @TeciaTorres: Careo entre Hill y Yo --- Faceoff

RT @businessinsider: #Furious7 will likely be the next $1 billion movie http://t.co/C1vQspYwe2 http://t.co/IpXhZITSCL

RT @Deadspin: Actual crack smoker Rob Ford elected to Hockey Hall of Fame board: http://t.co/tj8ltAzHML

RT @HuffingtonPost: Edward Snowden explains how the gov. can get your "d**k pics" during interview with @iamjohnoliver @lastweektonight htt…

RT @HipHopWired: “Just Got Paid” Singer Johnny Kemp Dead At 55 http://t.co/sP6a7eTZRA http://t.co/kqzY1T6mxW

RT @Vanessa_Murphy: BREAKING: @LVMPD confirms #NHL player Jarret Stoll arrested for possession of cocaine at Wet Republic in Las Vegas toda…

McDavid should send Chris Pronger's wife to Edmonton as his agent. #FreeMcDavid #NHL

After looking at Marvel's shortlist of actors to be Spider-Man, I believe we owe Andrew Garfield a MASSIVE apology. #weaksauce

RT @RichardStamford: The Tasering Of The Shrew #XtremeShakespeare

RT @artiequitter: My prediction: Paris Hilton will blow Burger King.

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