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RT @chandlerriggs: eye hoped u enjoyed the episode #thewalkingdead https://t.co/xnIZTdGoqC

well that ruined my #NationalDogDay for me

RT @DubSCRepeal: Overheard in Dublin Castle... -"Dad can they fly?" -"No but their ideas can." #Together4Yes #RepealThe8th https://t.co/…

RT @enews: We're going down, down in an earlier round now that Pete Wentz has arrived to the red carpet. #GRAMMYs https://t.co/951Sm5MlOO

RT @FuckAlmost30: How many Wheelchair ramps they got in Winterfell, Bran creeps up everywhere #GamefThrones https://t.co/amRPyWBJ1f

RT @_jmdjm: The dance break we need

RT @PhotoAmy33: Gwendoline Christie (@lovegwendoline) arriving at the #Emmys

RT @dog_rates: We’re already halfway through #PrideMonth! If your pup is wearing rainbow or simply loves more than anything else, send us a…

RT @Pixar: You can always find adventure in a good book. #NationalBookLoversDay https://t.co/rsQ6ZBLTLV

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