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Oh shut up kid,Mecca is for every muslim,not between shias and muslims,similarly karbala in iraq is for muslims,not… https://t.co/ysUxUTntsw

RT @NBCNews: Iran denied the U.S. allegations Sunday. "Such accusations as well as blind and futile comments are pointless," said Foreign M…

RT @WPCION: The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

RT @KazmiWajahat: Number of casualties has reached 40 in the #Mirpur Azad Kashmir #earthquake. More than 700 people have been found injured…

We will see the state will see The govt will see we will see what is the reaction of Indian govt After it a time wi… https://t.co/AtAJvvOSkr

Happy Dussehra to all the Hindus in Pakistan and in India. No fighting today. #HappyDussehra

This is #China where Genocide of muslims take place. https://t.co/UU98Y735JV

President Erdogan: "We will not stop the Operation in Northern #Syria under any circumstances despite threats from… https://t.co/spTbWRaaSr

Korea and China(1950-53) Guatemala(1954) Indonesia(1958) Cuba(1959-1961) Guatemala(1960) Congo(1964) Laos(1964-73)… https://t.co/D181WQbmyv

Yemen(2009-2011) Libya(2011-2015) Syria(2014-2015) Apart from this -Externally supplying Arms worrh Million of Doll… https://t.co/5NBjz2b5dd

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