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Not only is MERCY GOOD ENOUGH, SHE'S MORE THAN ENOUGH. #TeamMercy Here is a video for us. Pass it round, Use as St… https://t.co/6ZwOElitRH

How we #TeamMercy be popping up come day 99 when our QUEEN MERCY is crowned the ultimate #BBNaija WINNER

Marvis was in the finals wit Efe & he won. Nina in the finals wit Miracle & he won And you tell me if Ike is in t… https://t.co/ti

My Messi and Mercy (GOAT)

You called mercy silicone ass, fake ass, runs girl, eating Dubai poo

You can never compare wining a competition honorably and getting consolation offers for being disqualified shameles… https://t.co/1h8ZqGkxag

Mercy set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle.

Told ya'all few days ago.. She's the #BBNaija pepper dem QUEEN. The kind of pepper she serves is SOKOTO PEPPER. Ver… https://t.co/tYYclSA6s1

Love you @Elozonam1 You are a good man May the universe be kind to you

RT @Raynergy: SOME VOTING LOCATIONS IN MAINLAND 1. IKEJA: Shoprite Kfc Ikeja city mall alausa. For Enquiry call 08183901470 2. YABA: Unil…

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