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who knows what time the #SideToSide music video is actually coming out on https://t.co/nkopFSRuKT?? @ArianaGrande #SideToSideTomorrow

Please watch my reaction to #SideToSideVideo! https://t.co/Zq1NbBORor Enjoy and don't forget to like! https://t.co/zt2Rs80VPr

WTH, #InTheDark was amazing - another show that can inspire me!

Think I need to check in to a mental asylum after this @ArianaGrande #CapitalUpClose

This is just such a mess. Clearly nobodies fucking happy about this @ArianaGrande #capitalupclose

"just keep breathin and breathin and breathinnnn" "HI IM ARIANA GRANDE" *TURNS VOLUME ALL THE WAY UPPPP*… https://t.co/9eu33cHwJe

PLEASE I WIN. I’m praying to God

I’m prayinggg

RT @pvperez1: Watching #FyreFestival on Netflix gave me so much anxiety. Best thriller/horror film of 2019 so far

RT @Andy_Holley: That #FyreFestival documentary on Netflix is compelling stuff and just highlights everything that is wrong with today’s so…

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