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(Vanessa Elizabeth)

Medical Student at Case Western Reserve University, student board member at Physicians for a National Health Program (@PNHP), and health justice advocate.

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RT @bmargaretmaster: Public comment periods make a difference! #hcu2020.

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@MooreForGeorgia thanks for actually answering these questions with details of current and proposed policy #hcu2020

“this means that if you’re poor, your life span is going to be shorter because you can’t afford that medication” -@MooreForGeorgia #hcu2020

RT @povertyscholar: Talking maternal mortality & proposals to extend #Medicaid coverage to mothers postpartum beyond the now meager 2 m

RT @HealthyFutureGA: "The human race has survived because of vaccinations." @MooreForGeorgia on mandatory vaccinations. #HCU2020

“The Medicaid waiver is a hand up not a hand out” @repbenwatson ignoring that work requirements harm patients #hcu2020

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