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Here to give every mind in the chemical sciences the support, resources and connections they need to shape chemistry’s future.

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#PhDchat #PostDoc Find out about research careers and how to develop the skills you need. Conf: 16-17 Sept Cambridge http://t.co/oRvqXUkDYg

On #NationalGarlicDay read about the chemistry of wild garlic for your #Time4Chem https://t.co/oXdOhb4vEe https://t.co/RjBa2iUGEG

175 individual, inspirational stories who all have different #GatewayToScience #Time4Chem https://t.co/U3RAQIcLcY https://t.co/4mgQxcoBqX

For #Shakespeare400 spend #Time4Chem learning about chemistry and Shakespeare at our library https://t.co/98ILrjP1YA https://t.co/Wm2xyXhi6n

One of our #175faces Luiz Carlos Dias researches treatments for tropical parasitic diseases #WorldMalariaDay https://t.co/VjdwkLOhdV

For #WorldAsthmaDay learn about the chemistry of inhalers for #Time4Chem with @compoundchem https://t.co/1dJSAyCE84 https://t.co/pRnfxkMqyX

A beautiful lunchtime at Burlington House and a good crowd to join our friends @RoyalAstroSoc #mercurytransit https://t.co/4JQkQkn282

Pierre Curie was born #OnThisDay in 1859. Read about his pioneering work for #Time4Chem https://t.co/yJEqHyzbAA https://t.co/aDUApYJJO6

For #WorldBakingDay learn about bread-making chem with @compoundchem for your #Time4Chem https://t.co/GphmwOU6jE https://t.co/zysvXapq6l

Making marshmallows with @yuandi_li What are you baking for #Time4Chem #WorldBakingDay https://t.co/tU0h1iF7OV https://t.co/CnB2U2kBoR

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