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Embracing the Mermaid Life

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RT @life_rell: #GrowingUpIWanted to hurry up and be an adult. Now I miss being a kid

RT @iamalmostlegend: #GrowingUpIWanted to be grown, now I want to be a kid again.

RT @AmourRamirez: #GrowingUpIWanted a perfect family but i never got it.

RT @phillymoreno: #GrowingUpIWanted the bullying to stop. It never did.

RT @kevinwxgg: Still looking for it... #TheMeaningOfLifeIn4Words

RT @Moon_River05: #TheMeaningOfLifeIn4Words Bad times don't last

RT @LISAMW979: #BestWayToAWomansHeart Making her feel loved and safe.

RT @heyjacqui_: Idk. Be a thoughtful, caring, decent human being? #BestWayToAWomansHeart

RT @Simbra75: Cheescake #BestWayToAWomansHeart https://t.co/XogjcYSwdV

RT @RowdyGurl18: Respect her, feed her, and be honest with her, always. #BestWayToAWomansHeart

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