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Arsenal Fan, Aspiring chef. I cook, you eat...

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@xytheon @keiranpedley @Matt_Law_DT In the FA Cup? Thought there weren't any points? #chinup

@SkyKaveh @SkySportsNews Why dont they use Western Union... via a Nigerian Prince....

@AFCPressWatch2 @clivepafc They gave us the space out wide. Unfortunately, Monreal and Bellerin chose the same game… https://t.co/qWdVBO8RPb

@arseblog @gunnerblog What do you think about a cheeky loan bid for that Saliba fella.. one year with no option to buy.. #arsecastextra

@arseblog @gunnerblog lots of fans unable to decouple results and performance. Please use your platform to help them. #arsecastextra

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