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(Nairobi Pittman)

SportsHandicapper/Traveller/Positive Vibes/ Single/Leo. This is a page for all people. I enjoy being a Blessing to others. https://t.co/1Dh6zBfAf9

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RT @TheKarolynMarie: This year...I will be fierce. #2018 #hello2018 #newyear #newlife #newchapter #newbeginnings #mondaymotivation https://…

RT @hopealcocer: #MondayMotivation for the #NewYear https://t.co/hlw9TyUkoK

RT @MFRZProductions: He better pray louder, Andrew is about to get fleeced! #60DaysIn

RT @MFRZProductions: I give Jaclin a day before she crawls into a fetal ball to tap out! #60DaysIn

RT @StrataLacey: Is Jaclin gonna yell at the entire pod she damn sick and tired of it tho??? That’s what we gotta find out

RT @MFRZProductions: Roo bout to push up on the white boys. Lord they better stick together! #60DaysIn

RT @MFRZProductions: He is looking like a baller getting that much commissary #60DaysIn

RT @MFRZProductions: Damn Jaclyn u knew u were going to prison! #60DaysIn

RT @kallie_girl: #Homegirl walks up in there with a #fresh #set of #manicured (hot pink) nails? Why? How?

RT @777GeauxJen: @Soul_less_evil Hey, even Jesus turned flipped the tables over at the temple. #60daysin

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