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SportsHandicapper/Traveller/Positive Vibes/ Single/Leo. This is a page for all people. I enjoy being a Blessing to others. https://t.co/1Dh6zBfAf9

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RT @DrGMLaTulippe: This Season of #60DAYSIN is going to be wild. There is a Mormon dad who thinks he's an MMA coach that convinced his son…

RT @MrsFirstLady707: Matt thinking about his son @AETV #60DaysIn very good show. https://t.co/weXtFyotsy

RT @kallie_girl: First it was “Too Tall”, now we’ve got “Roo”? So we’ve officially crossed over to “Winnie The Pooh”

RT @igottu03: I love this show. #60daysin

RT @misnsomething: #60DaysIn

RT @MFRZProductions: What r the cameras for, the guards rarely come in. #60DaysIn

RT @MFRZProductions: Monte has to move now! Snitches get stitches! Even Andrew knew that! #60DaysIn

RT @cosmicLuv_: I respect, Tre. Like he told him you not taking nothing from me. #60DaysIn

RT @MFRZProductions: Wtf already Jaclin!! Lol #60DaysIn

RT @MFRZProductions: Tre stood up so he won't be seen as a pushover #60DaysIn

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