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SportsHandicapper/Traveller/Positive Vibes/ Single/Leo. This is a page for all people. I enjoy being a Blessing to others. https://t.co/1Dh6zBfAf9

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RT @miketaylor_213: matt u are not gonna do shit cut it out #60daysin

RT @TheLadyGabby: Angele is full of BS! #60DaysIn

RT @GayeLynn1: #60daysin @Stephanie full fledged jail bird while that laffy taffy flowing, ur passing drugs on and talking behind @Jaclin’s…

RT @DjBangz357: So you know it’s bad when other people in the show figure out other folks are in it smh #60DaysIn #TrashCoverStories #AtLea…

RT @_lanaaleee: So Swole has threaten another inmate’s life to a correctional officer and don’t get punishment. #60daysin https://t.co/DmT…

RT @realdarkchoco33: Lol I forgot about #60DaysIn. Just haven't really felt down for it recently....but fuck it here we go

RT @Trackstar27806: When Swole got up off that bed at Stephanie, I know Stephanie’s knees were like.....from being shook. LMFAO #60DaysIn h…

RT @xxjaaaay: Angele is DISGUSTING

RT @DjBangz357: #60DaysIn I got a great idea for y’all how about y’all get folks that have been to jail before so they at least can handle…

RT @_lanaaleee: Buchi is book smarts but he is not street smarts. #60daysin

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