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(Nairobi Pittman)

Traveller/Sports Handicapper/Positive Vibes/Single/Leo. I enjoy being a Blessing to others. https://t.co/1Dh6zBfAf9

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RT @Itsuniquemusic: Something in me tells me that Maurice had something to do with all of Noah’s set ups .... all of em were more personal…

RT @marinewife421: When ya’ll fake fightin but the truth is jumpin out and now your feelings are hurt #star

RT @STAR: Oh, SLAP. #STAR https://t.co/fhB7Q697MN

RT @MhmmMEME: Alex, it’s not what you think girl... Come back! #STAR https://t.co/DQrUx2qDd7

RT @porpendejja: OMG SO THE ARGUMENT WAS A SET UP FROM THE GIRLS SNSJSK they really had me thinking #STAR

RT @berrybombxxx: STOPPPPP ITTTTTT @STAR #StarOnFox #Star

RT @marlenenava22: Star has me shook...every week they have me screaming in my living room!!!! That stupid fuck got what he deserved!!! TAK…

RT @hottiejonise12: The music on #STAR >

RT @zyislife: And his wife ain’t come interfere into the conversation some random woman come pull up to the house arguing with your husban…

RT @__LaLoba__: Cassie girl stop being a dumb bitch

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