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(Nairobi Pittman)

Traveller/Sports Handicapper/Positive Vibes/Single/Leo. I enjoy being a Blessing to others. https://t.co/1Dh6zBfAf9

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RT @MFRZProductions: Female gangs are just as brutal as the guys! #60DaysIn

RT @MFRZProductions: 14 years in and he's going back! Yike! #60DaysIn

RT @Youwithoutash: I’ll be honest it looks like Abner is gonna be the only one I can tolerate on this season of #60DaysIn he’s

RT @ck_215: Did Abner forgot he’s not a real prisoner? #60daysin

RT @ashleyfamu2014: Abner the real OG #60DaysIn

RT @KcirdnekC: Abner, It's the first day....#60DaysIn https://t.co/rkwfRK81N8

RT @brsugar021: Oh shiggidy Abner!!! Daaayyyuuummm!!!!#60DaysIn

RT @ItsMeKimle: Lawd.....Abner..... #60DaysIn https://t.co/iC4uV66p2p

RT @queenmeann_: My nigga take the blanket from boul

RT @queenmeann_: Awww B-Shaw you mad baby #60DaysIn

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