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(Nairobi Pittman)

Traveller/Sports Handicapper/Positive Vibes/Single/Leo. I enjoy being a Blessing to others. https://t.co/1Dh6zBfAf9

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RT @FossdalMona: Have a Nice #thursday everyone

RT @MsCarrieRich: Pay attention to your thoughts and shift your mindset to transform setbacks into possibilities. #thursdaythoughts

RT @iamrichinlove: My love grows for you everyday as I fall in love with you #ThursdayThoughts

RT @BenOnAdventures: Grinding in the gym this morning between sets. I love the hustle and process

RT @jermski97: If u want it..go get it. Nobody’s stopping you but yourself. #ThursdayThoughts

RT @omarnawawy: The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven #ThursdayThoughts

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