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Wedding Videographer. Video Editor. Beer enthusiast. Phan. Word.

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RT @lt4kicks: If the @nfl wanted to win this case against Brady they should have brought the @Giants to help them

RT @JoeyStyles: Congratulations @Broncos on winning #SB50. Peyton Manning should spend his 7 figure bonus on the defensive players. They pl…

RT @annajpanza: Was hoping to see you at Wrestlemania

@NFL and their officials love the Seahawks. Can they not make it so obvious tho?! #mnf #MondayNightFootball https://t.co/0xOphLZsyS

@NFL @ESPNNFL @espn #MondayNightFootball https://t.co/sMCTj89Org

RT @WWENetwork: Welcome back, @OfficialTAZ! The #HumanSuplexMachine joins the set of #ECWUNTOLD on @WWENetwork... https://t.co/UVmc0UhanA

RT @OfficialTAZ: Let’s see if the prestigious league has the balls to FINE him. Cheap is an understatement. #NEvsBUF https://t.co/DK4n52Z9bc

RT @Real_AdamBomb: Bob Ross is killing this halftime show #CHIvsDET #ThanksGiving

RT @steelers: We all #SHALIEVE.

RT @Connor_J_Hughes: The #Jets now have Leonard Williams, Quinnen Williams and Avery Williamson on a defense run by Gregg Williams.

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