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Why do think Sami blocked me on Twitter @FightOwensFight ? #AskSamiKO

.@Starbucks we NEED gingerbread lattes for the holidays ! #gingerbreadlatte

@SexyChuckieT Cake or ice cream or sandwiches? #BTEmailbag

@MajorWFPod @RingsideC #MajorClaim

RT @MakeAWish: This #WorldWishDay, we’re honoring 40 years of granting wishes & the shining stars around us who've helped Make-A-Wish gr

@JeremyCom I’d love to finish my WWF HASBRO and OSFT ECW collection and add to my CLASSIC SUPERSTAR LINE & a few mo… https://t.co/6MlaRP

@JeremyCom #Jeremycom #AEWDoN https://t.co/U0Lo0T8Vnn

@JeremyCom #JeremyCom https://t.co/pOhnmYlYks

@JeremyCom #JeremyCom #AEWDoN https://t.co/YMmcaHR4g3

@MajorWFPod #MajorGiveAway

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