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A lot of 'Museveni' in candidate's words tonight #UGDebate16

Money for cars, iPads, funerals, suits, houses, renovation... MONEY MONEY MONEY #NRMAudit16

The writers of The Simpsons should be given an Oscar each already

RT @theyashwinkumar: Uganda 7s feel like a perfect combination of Kenya 7s and Fiji 7s. Super exciting to watch them play! #Dubai7s

RT @KenyaRugby247: #Uganda7s #mannaquinchallenge #CapeTown7s https://t.co/dlIu1bNXrF

The rate at which chics are saying Pass is faster than Arsenal's journey back to 4th place https://t.co/9bwG8JMrbr

RT @SphamanChyna: #WeAreDatingChallenge https://t.co/ngt2eCO1rc

#Great2016Memories when @NuwagiraSteven promised air "If Portugal win Euro2016..."

#TeamUganda. I'm not scared, ayew? #AFCoN2017

Kenya getting set for #SGRLaunch as we look on Oh Uganda, the land that feeds us!

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