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RT @Hollyoaks: Did someone say #WorldChocolateDay?! Brb, raiding all the cupboards before #Hollyoaks at 7pm.

RT @Soap_loverxx: RT if you're going to miss Kylie❤️ #GoodbyeKylie #Corrie https://t.co/8pCNXpZbln

RT @Hollyoaks: EXCITING! @SophiePorley & @rachelleskovac1 loved the #SixWeeksOfSummer trailer! What did y'all think?

RT @bbceastenders: The Mitchell brothers are back! You really don't want to miss a second of #EastEnders this week. https://t.co/qWo3SbRAAZ

RT @Hollyoaks: Voting for the #NTAs has OFFICIALLY BEGUN! Which means it’s time to get voting everything #Hollyoaks… https://t.co/VwH5kH…

RT @Hollyoaks: It's time to get voting for your 'Oaks faves at the #NTAs! Find out who's been nominated in this extra special vid: https://…

RT @Hollyoaks: TEN MINUTES TIL WE GO LIVE! @MrkieronR is ready! Watch on our Facebook page at 4pm. #HollyoaksNoExit https://t.co/a13yVBdUDU

RT @Hollyoaks: #BlackCatDay or #PumpkinDay... #HollyoaksNoExit LIVE has it all! Head to our Facebook asap! https://t.co/PusNDVRhCb

RT @Hollyoaks: Head to our Facebook asap... the #HollyoaksNoExit LIVE show is STARTING!

RT @Hollyoaks: Head to our Snapchat for updates on our #HollyoaksNoExit LIVE show... "Hellohollyoaks" https://t.co/NNbMfv1xa9

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