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omg armyonces #getwellsoonmina

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#thanksto5sos I finally had the courage to ask out the love of my life

When you see too many theories and don't know what to believe #btsdeactivatedparty https://t.co/t8cqYF13mH

RT @Iustjin: how is #DolanTwinsNewVideo new video trending more than #prayforaleppo , how the Fuck can people stay silent about this

RT @hqwings: your local closeted bi #SelfiesForLesbiansjpg https://t.co/VsvJwzerdw

RT @minseoktwt: it could be below 0 degrees out but just the thought of you keeps me warm ☄ [ #iGOT7selcaday ♡ ] https://t.co/cLnWyIZD7I

Is it hard to be so perfect or?????? #reeceking

How can anyone reject that little ray of sunshine? fite me hoe #AlwaysWithYoungjae https://t.co/vXGWrK9lZ2

RT @oshuIt: ; it's cold outside — #EXOLSelcaDay https://t.co/wst1Lms5fi

RT @soompi: #BTS’s “Fire” Becomes Their 2nd MV To Reach 100 Million Views #Fire100MViewsParty https://t.co/B7L1fW3bLB https://t.co/ZFhfIPSA…

RT @sailormoto: I really love my best friend ! ㅡ #NCTStanSelcaDay ♡ https://t.co/5b8rb3cIx7

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