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Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control technology.

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RT @3albers: Wie #Sachsen-#Anhalt plant, alle Schulen in #Microsoft Training Camps umzufunktionieren https://t.co/nNJWzR13xN @fsfe http://t…

FSFE happily joins the celebration of #AdaLovelaceDay by interviewing Isabel Drost-Fromm http://t.co/Esx9AZWplT @TheASF @elastic

RT @kirschner: Aritkel und Kommentar von @fsfe 's @mxmehl auf @heiseonline zu #SonyRootkit https://t.co/5iPhB0pHJ3 + https://t.co/gfHjtNfw1W

Hands up: Who is coming to #FOSDEM? Come and visit our booth at the same place as usual: Building K, Level 1, Group A #FOSDEM2016

On Sunday we celebrate the I love Free Software day. Let's make it the best #ilovefs ever! https://t.co/Cy9GQKns00 https://t.co/xG54454F46

#pr #ar @itwadi "يوم شكر البرمجيات الحرة 2016" https://t.co/R9b05tBMpd #ilovefs

KDE is being admired on #ilovefs day. Thank you, @kdecommunity ! https://t.co/utGOjJJUy5

Our #FreeSoftware activist @nermincanik spreading some love at #Taksim place in #Istanbul. Thank you! #ilovefs https://t.co/IQxnSZgOge

He loves @mozilla @firefox @gentoo and @PidginIM likewise. No need to limit your love on #ilovefs day :) https://t.co/o7itcxMbzn

At @fosdem we asked "What is your favourite #FreeSoftware?" For her, @libreoffice is! #ilovefs https://t.co/2svyxZE2GX

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