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Step in the room and October gets a lot closer. #GoPats

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RT @PaddedRoom2006: Knicks really beat the Spurs

Tidal is flame

RT @Thelolojones: Barber: what do you want? * gimme that duke starting 5 * http://t.co/3TbOssPdKs

RT @DeionGottaSTFU: Avengers spoilers all over the TL lmfao people just said fuck waiting to tweet about it

Thank god for Francisco Lindor.

RT @ImToBlame: Gilbert Arenas living the best life ever

RT @IcySoleOnline: Adidas SL Loop “Red Reptile” now only $56 w/code FRIENDS30 at checkout! LINK:http://t.co/63QEP3pIQg http://t.co/sE3V5zM…

Someone come play madden with me all day

RT @DeionGottaSTFU: Sam Bradford is cooking now smh

RT @SN_Ohio: • Ohio State won • Bama' lost • Browns won • Indians in the wildcard race #OhioAgainstTheWorld

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