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multi-tasking owl,hooting, tweeting and loving celtic since 1976 U.T.L.R

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RT @Oldfirmfacts1: John Eustace set to be named new Rangers captain, delighting fans who feared it might be someone they'd heard of.

RT @Rachel_Lynchx: One things certain Scott Allan's grandchildren will be Celtic fans

RT @tombarry1921: The 26 county state is a barrier erected and designed by the British to block the Republic Tomas Ceannt died for #thomask…

RT @talkSPORT: CONFIRMED! Klitschko v Fury is OFF after world heavyweight champion suffers injury http://t.co/lcoTJxqQon http://t.co/VZrKQG…

RT @JongsmaJongsma: Meanwhile, FC Twente seem in danger of losing their license due to financial mismanagement and illegal contracts. https…

RT @david_conn: Margaret Aspinall on #Hillsborough criminal charges today: "The message this sends is ‘Never give up. Carry on fighting.’ T…

RT @celticfc:

RT @boxingfan3333: Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury FULL FIGHT VIDEO! #WilderFury #GypsyKing #Robbed #boxing "joshua" "canelo" https://t.co/IRhksW…

#jft96 #30Years https://t.co/9dWLpF8jmj

#gopackgo #SEAvsGB

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