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May the 4th be with you!!!

Why Stannis.... Why?? #GameofThrones #GOT http://t.co/wAW0S0NIed

New most hated guy in #GameofThrones now... http://t.co/txMstk9jLT

#MyMotherAlwaysToldMe "I brought you into this world, I can easily take you out" :D

Happy #InternationalBeerDay !!! And this means tomorrow surely will be International Hangover Day. :p

What a game!!! West Ham are hunting for Giants. Manchester United and Chelsea next??? #bbcfootball

If my calculations are correct, my hoverboard should arrive today. #BackToTheFuture

BREAKING NEWS : EPL Teams have vowed to continue beating Chelsea until Mourinho tells us the real age of Diego Costa.

Stay Strong the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. And donot let IndianMedia to enter into your countries. #earthquake

You'll never walk alone very audible at stamford bridge. #coutinho #LFC

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