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Melhorem essa transmissão viu, pq tá um bosta #FlyNoPJB #PJB15

Aahh, desisto de assistir, boa sorte pra quem fica #PJB15

RT @zaynmalik: #idontwannaliveforever #fiftyshadesdarker https://t.co/5F4cR7UoMu

Tá fazendo efeito #HS1isComing https://t.co/1foqcPjgSe

RT @GemmaAnneStyles: Over on @lafemmecoll we're celebrating our anniversary by sharing profiles of some of our fave ladies #SheInspiresMe h…

RT @delarrievingne: #SignOfTheTimes https://t.co/m8EpBNzAz6

RT @delarrievingne: AMÉM #SignOfTheTimes

RT @BBCR1: Shall we listen to @Harry_Styles introducing #SignOfTheTimes again? Yeah, let's

RT @1D_Updates_BR: Um dos filtros já foi encontrado em Edinburgh. "Want

RT @Kaneshow: Y'ALL. @NiallOfficial will be HERE LIVE WITH US IN PERSON, IN STUDIO, AT 8AM. #NiallOnKANE https://t.co/ZiR6oEkFX6 … RT to s…

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