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Shares musings on life, martial arts, writing, photography: whatever. Writes fantasy. He/him. ☯︎

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RT @EnnsLindy: When you get distracted from both of your priority novels to do mapwork for the epic fantasy series you know you don’t have…

"#Fortune favours the bold, my Lady." He knelt slowly, taking her hand in his and gently kissing it. His manner eve… https://t.co/dJFsvYKCOT

The calm, placid expression belies the churning turmoil deep within. #beneath: beyond the veneer of outward appeara… https://t.co/mAeyPXbzCi

"The Harlequin is many things, my Lady." Valentine spread his hands wide and made a rueful face. "To know the Danci… https://t.co/vwEaBJQ67l

"Sir Broderick, The Twins, Joren Bladesinger and I rode out with your Father that day, my Lord." The big knight's e… https://t.co/fLZPoS7Via

@LV_matthews The rising #torrent: the bubble, whirl and rush of it. Primal, elemental - demanding and insistent - t… https://t.co/RAkk9hLgma

"If I close my eyes, I still see them!" The tremor in his voice echoes the quiver of a body not entirely under his… https://t.co/KNbjctlEZV

The cries and sighs, the screams and pleas; the imprecations - the desperations; imploring and cajoling; promisin… https://t.co/AEjjnVjcqo

“As the #floodwaters began to abate, we found them: lying lost, bloated and broken by the grinding tides.” The old… https://t.co/zCT9wKpZrm

RT @helen_laycock: #vss365 Leaves whispered at her soles, shuffling secrets. Jo reached out as an autumn sycamore began a slow #somersault…

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