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Father, Husband, Chapter Master, PC Gamer & Warhammer Fan. Email: ChapterMasterValrak@gmail.com

User info updated on Sat, 23 May 2020 15:40:14 +0000

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RT @jennffer: And here's the petition - you know it makes sense.. #BringBackClarkson #fracas https://t.co/rlV4uf91UD http://t.co/d1leyhpstD

About to do a steam of @ConanExiles for KHORNE! Erm I mean Krom! #warhammer40k #conanexiles https://t.co/Tck6WYqz89

RT @Nomadgames: Free blood and skulls for all our #Talisman players this weekend, just update your game to access. #SkullThrone https://t.c…

We can all be the Mortarch of Grief #warhammer #ageofsigmar https://t.co/SkqK7wr1L6

After being in bed all day, this cheered me up

Preview of the brand new models coming in the Death of Hope project. #warhammer40k #40k #horusheresy #warmongers https://t.co/9jAz2dybjD

After reading some the book 'Dante' and 'Devastation of Baal' it seems they're setting up the foundations for Abbad… https://t.co/BIyfJ0UzSo

This is simply glorious! #Warhammer40k #40k #Warmongers https://t.co/T62zFE6hU2

We have our first four Funko Pop! figures confirmed and I love them, I will be collecting them and putting them on… https://t.co/Q7OtuqJgTh

Series 1 & 2 were fantastic, now with Series 3 being confirmed I really want them to do some Primaris Marines, the… https://t.co/Va2n8pY

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