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So if #WWEFastLane didn't make it clear, allow me to reiterate. Sting Vs. HHH is the main event of #Wrestlemania this year.

So just before the #UFC184 main event do we cut to Goldberg & Rogan with Brock Lesnar dropping the #WWE Title in a trashcan?

You're shitting me, Vince. You actually had Rusev tap on #RAW. I'm at a total loss. That's one of the worst booking moves I've ever seen.

If I'm Vince, I take Lesnar re-signing & make him this generations Hogan. Turn him face at #WrestleMania & start putting him over EV

RT @WrassleRoos: These kids win it all!!! #wrestlecon #demolition #wrestlemania #sanjose http://t.co/0ps0PV3kmQ

I can handle that. Lesnar looks strong, Reigns loses, and Rollins goes over for the Summer while Brock is on break. #WrestleMania

Vince McMahon is sleeping on a bed of 12.6 million dollars tonight. #WrestleMania delivers the biggest live gate in wrestling history.

In case anybody forgot, Rusev had the greatest entrance of all time at #WrestleMania. #MotherRussia http://t.co/bsfD1AqQiw

Dear #WWE, Please don't kill the momentum you created last night at #WrestleMania. Just let the fun times roll into #RAW. Danke!

Don't blame #WWE for AJ Lee calling it quits, blame CM Punk.

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