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Meandering through middle age without focus. ⚽️#LOFC #AMF ⚽️ /

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We'll see you next year, We'll see you next year, West ham united We'll see you next year, #LOFC #getoffmyland!

RT @habbyhatter: What a shame about Kyle Walker, he was a player with good pedigree a few years ago.

RT @stuartabarton: Prince William now possibly wishing he did not already order the Mayweather/Packio from Sky #RoyalBaby

Sorting through my dads old #LOFC programmes. Came across this 1/2 http://t.co/MMlTohtP2l

With this still inside #LOFC http://t.co/CPCmsqkBp5

RT @OrientMeatPie: Diego Costa. What a cheating twat.

RT @KatieWeasel: If you look carefully at the #ManOnTheMoon, you can see that the shadows are clearly in the wrong place leading me to thin…

RT @LSwallow74: I haven't got to watch that lot for 6 games #lofc https://t.co/gvCgYzmpGl

@standardsport @OrientOutlook didn't think your paper new that #LOFC exist. Thought you only cover the big London teams like Man Utd

RT @E10Mess: We've heard M'Voto QUIT at half time and left the club! #LOFC

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