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PhD, feminist, social justice warrior, rhetoric scholar, writing program admin, composition teacher, pop culture enthusiast, & wanderer, using she/her pronouns.

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@cyndeewillow emphasizes that the cyborg has always been "human plus," not non-human. #D2 #cwcon

Dennis Jerz is up next in #D2. #cwcon http://t.co/pRXzbqkzow

RT @marjoriemliu: Besides being an amazing actor, the late lovely Sir Christopher Lee was also a WWII spy and NAZI HUNTER: http://t.co/2wIV…

Davis has been jailed in contempt of court, because SHE IS. | Deputy Clerks to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses in KY http://t.co/0tnVpJGroQ

Monica Vernon has won every labor endorsement available to her. She is, boldly, wearing colors other than red or blue. (Green!) #IDPJJ

RT @iowademocrats: Backstage at #IDPJJ with our presidential candidates

"Wasn't it great to hear from people who know what they're talking about?" We continue to trumpet the Dem debate, as we should. #IDPJJ

Clinton reminds us if her work for peace, including nuclear proliferation. #IDPJJ

I'mma just pretend the main character in #LegendsOfTomorrow is Rory Williams, plastic centurion. #DoctorWho

#Daredevil Window offices are probably a bad idea in superhero world.

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