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My boy Frank Underwood back today?! #HouseofCards

Re: Chip Kelly…..let’s see if the offensive scheme or the player has the last laugh after this trade

Maybe it’s me but trading Shady reeks of arrogance by Chip Kelly #justsaying

Well….Harvin is gonzo & #Jets will keep their 4th round pick

Ppl trashing the #Jets but didn’t the #Seahawks do the same thing?! Built around the QB until they found R. Wilson

Ppl trip me out. Yes we know the #Jets have issues at QB. So what are they supposed to do…not try to improve the roster?! Gimme a break

Everyone talked about how the #Jets had NO weapons on offense so why are some ready to dump Geno w/o at least seeing him w/ better weapons?

My whole point is it doesn’t hurt to see if another coach can coach him up. Not saying he should be the starter but let Chan work w/ him

If you’re an OL in the AFC East, you’re earning that check!!

Russell Westbrook is just a SAVAGE on the court!

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