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This 15 Me https://t.co/0XRcwK50fL. I love Asia's Pop Royalty @JustSarahG #TALANation #TALAistheREVOLUTION #TalaDanceChallenge #TalaDanceCraze #ASAPNatinTo

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RT @bigbadbawang: @JustSarahG has always dreamed of perfecting her "kulot". She got to do it in this great duet w/ Jason Dy! http://t.co/zA…

RT @KarlZarate: Yung sinasaktan ka na nya pero GO ka parin. #AbaGrabe

RT @JeSsIcAGrAy9: @JustSarahG Omg your voice is amazinggggg!

“@helloMaeAnn: #ItTakesAManAndAWoman will always be the best movie of Sarah G. and John Lloyd.

“@ginezmicky: the love story of miggy and laida is trending! <3 #ItTakesAManAndAWoman John Lloyd yan ee. idol!”

RT @shielatabs: Wow trending parin until now Sarah Geronimo - MINAMAHAL https://t.co/tx3IP5G9zu

@DanielOnStage: Aba 10 Hours Trending Na Si Sarah Geronimo!! Sarah Geronimo - MINAMAHAL https://t.co/xhMqumFVsk

Sarah Geronimo - MINAMAHAL https://t.co/AgmCD8OuRI

RT @JustSarahGfans: Lets keep this Trending Sarah Geronimo - MINAMAHAL https://t.co/AgmCD8OuRI

RT @juncipriano: "Real love comes to those who are willing to wait...." Sarah Geronimo - MINAMAHAL [Official Music Video] https://t.co/zJf…

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