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Gogo doesn't have 17 Grammys RT @JackDevero: Some of you have forgotten that it's your gran's birthday today but never forget eka Beyonce...

RT @simonefiasco: "@nurserycrimes: sean penn? racist? what next, did he also abuse his spouse in horrible ways?" ....oh my god, is water al…

"Could be New South Africa passbook is called affirmative action?" Your white victim friends don't even care to make sense anymore :"D

When you're Jesus and waiting for Lupita to be done so you can ask Beyonce for an autograph http://t.co/31h3SoYlFc

RT @aamer_rahman: This one time white kids were bullying me on the playground but Patricia Arquette appeared and made them stop. #PatriciaS…

RT @MvelaseP: So this UK-based translation service, @_translation, claims it will help you if you're looking for English to Xhosa translati…

RT @MvelaseP: But on their website, @_translation, also says, "Other names for it (Xhosa) include Isixhosa, Xosa, Koosa, "Kaffer", "Kaffir"…

RT @MvelaseP: So, yeah, @_translation. From this Xhosa speaker, go fuck yourselves please and thank you.

Jamal and his daughter. My ovaries are unable to can #EmpireFOX http://t.co/Vc39AjBQac

And dependency on welfare, and Nkandla "@DuragJesus_: The problem with black llamas is hiphop music and fratricidal violence .”

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