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RT @CarlosAuryn: Veo poco la tele, pero #DBT7GHVIP me lo pongo a veces solo por ver a Ylenia, qué risa de mujer!!!

RT @AmorRebienta: Se escribe Iñaki Williams pero se pronuncia Baskotelli Puto Amo.

Me encantaria ver al Bilbao Athletic en Segunda A. #aupalehoiak

RT @rubenlopez77: A ver si al final los que nos cantaban "A Segunda" se referían al Bilbao Athletic

RT @1DFamUpdater: #RespectForCarter Let's not forget http://t.co/ZqdnULb5AG

RT @camerondallas: #FriendshipDay this sounds like the perfect opportunity to announce to everyone & tell someone they're in the friend

RT @ibaigomez: Simplemente... A T H L E T I C !

RT @Juanmasaurus: REINA

RT @EmblemThree: Let us know what you think of our new cover "Hello" by @Adele #HelloEmblem3 https://t.co/4RxqjZPh6I https://t.co/rPwQp0muRC

RT @EmblemThree: What's your favorite part of the "Hello" cover video ?? #HelloEmblem3 https://t.co/4RxqjZPh6I https://t.co/wEUHZTjm7r

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