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Ayan Gedi, an orphan with kidney problem from Garissa detained in Nairobi East Hospital, Eastleigh with a bill of Kshs 879,784. Pls RT #KOT

Due to #DigitalMigration, tonight's champions league game is only on K24 and the Nigerian soap you are now watching is Glo Kappah ad. #KOT

Legendary comedian Mzee Ojwang in hospital and needs assistance. @AIRTEL_KE PayBill Name: MzeeOjwang Reference: HospitalBill #OkoaMzeeOjwang

#LeeKuanYew was a #Singapore #Legend & #Patriot http://t.co/NZSOQYoYCZ

#RacistRestaurant turned to licensing issue to illegal immigration and might turn to ivory trade. #TheChineseInvasion @MarkMasai @ntvkenya

PLO Lumumba on #JKL: Memusi was JAP, JAP never lost. CORD had nothing to celebrate. √√√

RT @LarryMadowo: Why wait until Tuesday when you can watch @vickyrubadiri reveal the most prominent names in the EACC #ListOfShame tonight …

#Nigeria: It's Goodluck to #Jonathan as #Buhari is poised to be the next president. #NigeriaDecides

An attack on learning institution shows that these terrorists are evil cowards. A learning centre is a sacred place. #GarissaAttack @Moadow

#Proud to see people of #Garissa donate blood for the victims of #GarissaAttack. Good wins over Evil. #WeAreOne http://t.co/vRYmvpLf3j

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